Welcome to Antigen - An ant build file tool

Antigen provides an all-in-one-window integrated workspace, with the ability to manipulate your build file through a tree view or directly through coding.


- Creation, editing and saving of ant build files.
- Dynamic updating between code and GUI when changes made to either.
- Wizard for creating simple build file. Uses directories specified to create build file.
- Build tree GUI represents build file in easy to see manner. Icons make it easier to distinguish between different types.
- XML code reader includes colour coding to make it easier to distinguish between different types.
- Build file runner which extracts targets to run into a GUI from the build file specified.
- Addition of child node/attributes includes drop-down box of valid options as well as autofill functionality.
- References to properties in the build file as attribute values when adding an attribute.



Click here to download project files.

Unzip the the project files to a directory, navigate to the directory, and run Ant to run Antigen.

Helpfiles can be found here.